#1936 – trade up, trade in

today i learned about a special promotion apple is doing… about a few weeks ago adobe said that they’d stop supporting premiere for the mac (basically since all computers come with imovie preinstalled, there’s final cut pro for professional users to buy, and final cut express for the user in between), so since they’ve jumped the digital-video-editing ship, apple said today “ok, everyone who has adobe premiere – mac or windows, it doesn’t matter – you can either a) buy a new mac and get final cut express for $99, b) mail us a copy of your premiere install discs and we’ll send you a free copy of final cut express, or if you need the pro version you can c) buy final cut pro (~$1000), mail us your copy of premiere along with proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a check for $500.” so, i packed up my premiere 5 cds (keeping my upgrade to premiere 6.5 cd, hehe) as soon as i got home, and dad’s going to take it to the post office tomorrow. ^_^

bigbigtruck‘s taste in music rocks. oh yes – not only is she an awesome artist, but she is now one of the few people who has musical tastes that i’d blindly trust to supply my ears with good music (well, maybe that doesn’t count the ABBA songs done in swedish(?) o_o;). i realized tonight that since i’ve started following her journal i’ve been treated to 220+ mb (63 songs) of cool new music that i’ve never heard before, and only 5 of the 46 artists that have made these songs i’ve heard of. she’s got her own playlist on my itunes with all the songs i’ve downloaded… i ought to list my favorites on here, but perhaps i’ll do that tomorrow night.

at work the bookstore manager was talking to my assistant manager today about how they’re trying to hire this guy that used to work at the bookstore, left, and is now back for a few hours each week… from what i understand they want him to be in charge of the bookstore’s webpage as well. then he took the assistant manager around the corner because they wanted to talk a bit more privately (ABOUT ME i bet), and from what i could eavesdrop on it was about how i was a good worker and that they needed to get someone else like me that knows what they’re doing, that they can give tasks to do and pretty much just let them do it. that’s what it sounded like they were saying, but then again it could just be my ego talking. XD; whether or not that would mean more $$$ for me or what i’m not sure (probably not ;_;), but it’s nice that my work is appreciated. ^_^

i’m still waiting to hear about the job with verizon wireless, though… ^^;; i got a letter in the mail yesterday about the tuition increases (umbc is now the most expensive state school in maryland 😛 actually, it was the most expensive state school even before the increases. -_-;; lose to win, i suppose – gotta spend money to make money!), and it mentioned the payment plan that can be signed up for, but with the bills and stuff i already have to pay i won’t really be able to may my tuition properly unless i get this job. then they get to pay my tuition for me! so i really want to hear from them about the job. now.

i was going to go to… well, actually, i went to the library after work today to check my japan culture class book out of reserve to read and type up my homework with, but apparently someone already checked it out and it could be up to 2 hours that they’d have to return it by. i didn’t feel like waiting around until someone returned it, so i just went home. i’m going to wake up early (ha! like that’s really going to happen) and go to the library when it opens at 8 and do my reading and quickly type up my reaction and summaries to it before class at 9. ^_^;

stueypark and i watched the second “band of brothers” episode tonight – we watched the first episode somewhere around a year ago and never got around to watching more. this led to jokes that at this rate we weren’t going to finish the series before 2012. XD;

tomorrow is japanese pop culture day in class – gotta bring my manga and magazines and cds to class (it’s part of our homework, haha), review in math class, and math final on friday. i’m feeling decently confident about the final (especially since we’re reviewing everything in class beforehand).

have fun at comic-con everyone that’s there. ^_^ now that everyone’s out of town my lj friends page is stagnant. STAGNANT I SAY. *pokes* -_-;