#1930 – lazy

i’ve been too busy the past few days to really update properly instead of just doing these 1 or 2 line updates. blarghs. well, a quick recap of the weekend:


went to bed at about 5 am and woke up at 3 pm, looked up some info i needed for my officers’ meeting on sunday, played some true combat with stueypark, and generally just sat around. i felt really weird when it was around 6-9 pm that it was getting dark so “early”. talked with some girls from phi mu about their social schedule and worked out some stuff for my meeting on sunday too. watched some of my usual saturday-night lineup (bunch of shows on pbs, mostly britcoms… “open all hours”, “my hero”, “red green”, “red dwarf”, “dr who”). i tuned in late because mom was watching “trading spaces” (grr), so i missed out on “as time goes by”, “keeping up appearances”, “are you being served”, and “waiting for god”.

– sunday…

went to church, then went to my officers’ meeting. worked out some more of our schedules for the fall semester event-wise. some of the other officers’ came up with some good ideas for me to do for social events, my favorite idea being a “destination unknown” trip – i, along with the president and the risk-manager of the chapter plan out a road trip to a secret place, and only the three of us know where that is. and all the people that go on the trip aren’t told where the place is, so it’s all an exciting adventure. ^_^ finished up our meeting around 4 pm, and so our alumni advisor (elias – we were having the meeting at his place) ordered us pizza and we hung out and watched “gangs of new york” (not too bad a movie). after the movie ended (around 7 – it’s a long movie) i drove home and zenmetsu and bruno_boy came on over (and later stueypark came over too) and we watched “most extreme elimination challenge” (dave hadn’t seen it before, but he thought it was pretty funny), and when the first show of that ended we turned on “banzai!” since the second show is almost always a rerun and we wanted to see what “banzai!” was like. after the show ended we couldn’t quite figure out what we thought about it (we figured that yeah, it was funny and random, but was it good enough to be funny every time?). went to hollywood video to rent “equilibrium” (and eventually blockbuster when hollywood video didn’t have it) so we could show stu and dan. dave drew my comic for me for monday, we generally hung around, and then they left and i went to bed around 3 am since i had to work at 10.

today i went off to work, and it was a pretty slow day… not much happened at all – it was all the same stuff i do in a normal day, but just a little bit of each thing.

came home and had a individual-sized garlic ‘n cheese pizza (yum yum) for dinner, but it was greasy as anything. i mean, i could practically see my face in it. o_o; it was so greasy that afterwards i had to lie down, and i ended up taking a nap for a few hours. ^_^; i dreamt that i woke up for school, and when i actually woke up i thought for a second that i had to get ready for school so when i woke up and looked at the clock and saw what time it was i thought it was morning for a second and sat up real fast on the couch, then realized that it was still nighttime. ^_^;; had an italian ice, and afterwards i saw this paper towel on a plate on my desk so i wiped my mouth with that… only bad thing was i forgot it was sitting on the plate i had the pizza on, so when i wiped my face with it i got garlic up my nose and kept sneezing. ^_^;;;

i got added to two new friends-lists today… funny how it goes for days with nothing, and suddenly two people out of the blue add me, hehehe… it’s kind of bittersweet, though, since one of them is xyloart, who seems cool – my powers of deduction deduce that she found me through anaidiana, hehe – but the other person who added me is annonymos, who is just plain disturbing. 😛 i hate it when people add me to their friends’ list just to have a bunch of people listed as their friends. i mean, with my friends list, i read pretty much everyone i list as a friend, and even the people who list me as a friend but i haven’t added them back i occasionally skim their posts in their journal, so it’s really only the journals of people that i often keep up with on my friends list.

now i’m watching conan o’brien when i’m supposed to be working on typing up my summary and response about my reading for my japan class for tomorrow. ^_^; i’ll get to work on that in a few…