#1926 – one week anniversary

one week of EL PRESIDENTE is now complete! ^_^ the cat is actually anne’s cat – her name is “crackers”, and now crackers is famous. but i bet she’d rather have fa-mice, though. ^_^

got back my test in my math class – i got a 76%… the professor gives us extra credit at every chance we’ve got, though, and she even says that if we do better than our lowest exam on the final then she replaces that with the final exam grade. and if she sees that we’ve been improving, then she also may bump our grades from a B to an A, or a C to a B (she said she won’t if it’s from a D to a C, or from an F to a D because then if those people went on to calculus then they’d be really lost).

4 new songs today. hooray! the lights are dimming occasionally, so if you can’t get at them then that means we’ve had a power outage since these are here on my computer. ^_^;

“sweet georgia brown”, brother bones (2.7 MB) bruno_boy and i both think of bill cosby dancing with skeletons when we hear this song

“original dixieland onestep”, firehouse five plus two (4.8 MB) more dixieland jazz, and this one has a siren in it!

“elvis and the bears”, the red elvises (3.8 MB) russian instrumental surf-rock…

“grooving to the moscow beat”, the red elvises (2.9 MB) more russian surf-rock…