#1924 – i've got no ladies

i was thinking recently how i’ve been lacking in the friend of the female persuasion department, specifically the lack of a girlfriend. i feel like a dork for doing it, but i actually put up a decent profile on (i figured it certainly couldn’t hurt).

i know i’m going to feel more like a dork when it uses my profile as one of the featured profiles on there (again, it couldn’t hurt… ^^;;). heck, i feel really embarassed? stupid? well… i feel really stupid (more like a “i can’t believe i’m doing this” kind of stupid than a “how the hell do i add 1 + 1” stupid) about it, and it hasn’t even used mine yet. ^^;

it’s just, well, sometimes you know you’re glad to be single and not have to worry about anyone else, and other times it just really really sucks? yeah, it’s like that. rather disappointing.

on one hand i can’t wait to see when they post mine up just to see what’ll happen, and on the other hand it’ll almost make me feel i’ve reached a new low. i mean, me? online dating services? seriously?

then again, i think to myself “there’s nothing wrong with asking for help when it’s needed”. i’m stubborn about that, usually…

good thing about this post is you get some free musics:

“peter gunn theme”, the blues brothers (4.5 MB)

“here we go”, miku (5.4 MB)

“ostrich walk”, original dixieland jazz band (3.4 MB)

“cocktails for two”, spike jones (2.7 MB)