#1923 – phone interview

so today i went to work, and i told my managers about how i was applying for this verizon job, and they said that they hoped if i got this new job that i’d still be able to work in the bookstore some. i told them “well, if you guys pay my tuition then i’ll stay here”, but they said they couldn’t do that. so i told them “well, what’s the incentive to stay here then? could i, say, buy computer stuff at cost, perhaps?” they said they couldn’t sell me stuff at cost, but they can probably help me get a new mac at demo-machine prices. i wonder how cheap that’d be? ed said he’d print out a list of prices for me…

they let me off an hour early since we had another guy there and we weren’t busy at the time, so i went to the library and did my reading for my japanese class (even though the book is out of print it’s on reserve in the library, and they have some in the bookstore but it’s like $35 for a USED PAPERBACK. so i got it on from some guy used for $4.95 in good condition XD).

had my phone interview today – that took about 30 minutes. it was the SAME QUESTIONS that they asked me in my first interview with lawrence, the store manager. i was a bit more nervous for this since it was some lady from HR, so it was all a bit spookier. i felt like when i was answering some questions that i was talking myself into a hole, though ^^;; afterwards i messaged one of my managers and two of my coworkers about it and how i was nervous about it, and the manager said that i probably did rather well and should be hearing back shortly and to get ready to pee in a cup, and one of my coworkers also said that i probably did rather well too. i still don’t know, though… but just about everyone at the store vouched for me being a good worker, and i think about some of the shadier people i’ve seen work there, so i’m probably worrying over nothing.

it was kind of disconcerting when they reminded me how they do a background check (if you’re reading this now, mr background-check detective guy, then hello and welcome! care for a soda? or water? or a wallet that just might contain lots of cash? haha), and they said “are you sure you haven’t gotten yourself in any problems at all? not even something as silly as a ticket for jaywalking?” o_o;

at the end they asked why i should be hired, so i said “well… i already have my own namebadges, haha…” and they laughed about that. score!

we get our test back tomorrow in math… wonder how well i did…?