#1915 – second interview

you know how the other day i made a post about how there was something secret i didn’t want to talk about yet? well, today it’s on its way of working out – i got a call from verizon wireless’ HR department, and they want to do a second interview with me ^_^ they said it can be done over the phone, so they’re going to give me a call on the phone after i get off of work on wednesday.

other than that, nothing much happened today. this girl that used to work in the bookstore told us about some sociology class she’s taking all about sex and they’ve got all sorts of people to come in and give demonstrations XD;;;

three types of music for your listening pleasure:

rock! – “rock and roll ain’t noise pollution”, AC/DC (5.1 MB)

polka! – “hoop-dee-doo”, frank yankovic (3.4 MB)

latin lounge/jazz! – “SEXY”, los amigos invisibles (3.9 MB)

i’ve got a test tomorrow in my precalc class i’ve got to study for and start my new japanese class tomorrow. guess what i want to take and what i don’t. ^_^;