#1912 – nemo

today we’re going to go see “finding nemo”. ^_^

it was weird yesterday, i got an ichat invitation for an audio chat with someone with the screenname “SilverHaloATL”. i’ve got no idea who it is, they don’t have anything in their user info, and a search on google and on lj for people with that screenname didn’t return anything. it’s kind of exciting, having a mysterious watcher like this. makes me seem important. *_*

if my powers of deduction are correct, then a) they own a mac (duh), and b) they live in atlanta (ATL = atlanta). unless there’s another meaning behind ATL other than being the 3-letter code for hartsfield international airport.

unless this is a person i’ve talked to before, and i just don’t know it because my logs are on my other chat client which i’m too lazy to open up, so if this is someone i know, then i’m sorry for being stupid and forgetting. ^_^;

it was hard to concentrate in church today – you try to get your prayer on while you’ve got two escapees from the monkey cage at the local zoo bumping into you and going all over the place in the pew ahead of you, and you’ll see how difficult it was too. 😛