#1908 – 4th stuff

so yesterday i was woken up early-ish by anne and a friend of hers who spent the night playing right outside my room and they climbed up on the bunk beds next to my room and kept talking and peeking over the wall. i groggily told them to go away, so they did.

pretty much just stayed around the house until early afternoon. took a shower. stueypark and i made a playlist of good patriotic and fireworks-watching songs to bring on my ipod down to the fireworks. we found this small pair of speakers that we brought down and hooked up to the ipod and started the playlist when the fireworks started.

around mid-afternoon the relatives dropped by – first it was aunt sue and cousin emily, and then it was grandmother, grandaddy, aunt katherine and uncle harry, cousin brian and ashley, his fiancee. later aunt teri and uncle john came by as well. after visiting for a while we had a cookout, and two swabbo friends of kelly’s came by. then it was just more hanging out and visiting until we sang happy birthday to grandaddy and had cake and he opened up his presents (we got him a mousepad of a corsair since that’s what he used to fly, and a clock just like mine.

took the buses downtown to see the fireworks. i may not take the buses often around town anymore, but judging from the interior of the buses why is it i never see these buses except when we take them for some holiday event? i bet the city keeps them locked up for use for holiday transportation uses only. 😛

they were checking people’s IDs when entering the academy, but i don’t see the reasoning behind it. i mean, without cross-referencing it to a list of bad-guys that you want to keep out, just looking at the IDs of several hundred ordinary citizens isn’t going to do much but give a reasonable guarantee that people are who they say they are. i say “reasonable”, because if someone really wanted to make a fake ID to get in, that would be trivial to do. especially if they were of the terrorist-bad-guy type. stu told me they didn’t even check his ID (he said that he confused the marine by doing the age-old trick of “ask the marine a question” – he asked if he could take his bike in and they basically waved him in). so pretty much all the checking of IDs at the gate did was inconvienence ordinary people. 😛

the field where we sit and watch the fireworks at was about half as full as it usually was, and the ground was pretty soggy in most places. we managed to find a spot that was reasonably dry and set our stuff there. when the fireworks started stu and i started the music (i read that the display was supposed to last about 20-30 minutes, so we made our playlist about that long – 11 songs, and we got through 7 songs by the end):

– “the washington post”, sousa

– “stars and stripes forever”, sousa

– “star spangled banner”, kiss

– “star spangled banner”, jimi hendrix

– “the thunderer”, sousa

– “semper fidelis”, sousa

– “anchors aweigh”, zimmerman / savino

everything but the kiss and jimi hendrix songs were done by the band of the grenadier guards – i lost the cd i had by them a few years ago, so i bought it again a few months ago because i was disappointed i didn’t have sousa marches to watch the fireworks with when we went last year, and besides, sousa marches are fun to listen to anyway. my aunts and uncles that were with us didn’t care for the kiss and jimi hendrix songs, but they’re old so that was to be expected (i also told them about how barry white died, and they either said “who? oh, he was a singer in the ’70s you say? oh, that was after my time” or “who? did you say ‘gary white’? who’s that?” or “who? did you say ‘harry white’? who’s that?”… nobody knew who i was talking about, sheesh). 😛 everybody liked the rest of the songs, though – some of the songs went in time very well with the fireworks, with the explosions going off at perfect moments in the songs – and dad thought it was neat we were watching the fireworks at the naval academy with “anchors aweigh” as the song that played during the finale, hehe.

walked back home (it’s faster than waiting for the bus), and after having some italian ice people who lived ~50 miles away left to go home, while aunt sue got ready to sleep in the den (since emily was spending the night to play with anne) and aunt teri and uncle john were going to sleep in cots in kelly’s room (kelly was going to sleep on the couch in the living room). so, since aunt sue was going to sleep in the den i wasn’t able to tell my friends about my day yesterday or update this right away (before i forgot anything :P). grr. oh well. i spent last night listening to uncle john talking about how when he was in the army getting stuck in paris on bastille day with no-place to stay so he had to walk the streets of paris at night. how seedy does that sound? hehehe… ^_^; i spent last night in bed reading more of “who killed kennedy” – i was bored about a week ago when i went to bed so i looked on my bookshelves and remembered this book so i’m reading it again, hehe.

this morning i was woken up again, this time by anne and emily hanging outside my room and making noise. -_-;;; grrrr. i got four things of interest in the mail today, though: a letter from umbc’s financial aid deparment saying that my loan has been applied to my account, my next payment slip for my loan, a macworld magazine, and a little pamphlet about the local vespa dealer. XD

i think today i’m going to plan out some stuff for social events for the fall, and study some of my math – i’ve got an exam on tuesday. ^^;; i also start my japanese modern culture class on tuesday too ^_^