#1906 – haircut

oh, yeah, i got my haircut yesterday. gave bubbles a call and said when’s the first time i can have an appointment with suzy (since she does such a great job on my hair), and they said “how about today at 4?”. fantastic! i was a little bit late because of all sorts of traffic was around town, but it wasn’t a problem, and while she cut my hair i told suzy all about how i lost my job and started a new one and now may be rehired, hehe.

now my hair is much much shorter and less problematic. i’ve lost my winglets!

i look like the guy on the shirt i’m wearing right now. i should get someone to take a picture, hm.

suzy said “i hope i see you before 3 months now” when i was leaving. either she’s tired of cutting my long long hair and would rather cut my hair when it’s shorter, or she’s got ulterior motives. INTRIGUE!