#1903 – bank error in my favor? i wish

ok, so i just got off work (which was rather uneventful – just recieving some things we got yesterday but couldn’t put in the system since when we upgraded the system some things broke so ed fiddled with it), and got my paycheck for $75.91. deposited it in my bank account, and the guy gives me a reciept saying that the account is now at $7,654.89. i don’t think that $50-something + $75-something = $7 thousand six hundred-something. would be nice if it was somehow accidentally put in my bank account, but i doubt it. i checked my bank account online and it says what i expected it to say with nothing out of the ordinary, so i don’t think it’s like the time that stueypark got tons and tons of money put in by accident and taken back out but he still got to keep the interest. i also don’t think that this was my reciept because from the looks of things the reciept was from just before 9 am, and at that time i was still asleep at home. 😛

now i’m going to call up bubbles and make a haircut appointment. i need it cut BADLY.