#1901 – no cannons!

ok, to continue my previous post (since kelly and i had to run downstairs to clean some stuff up :P), i got these songs and one of them was the 1812 overture, and it DOESN’T HAVE ANY CANNONS IN IT. what a gyp. ๐Ÿ˜› i said to stueypark, “what good is the 1812 overture without cannons??” (dad said the exact same thing when i told him about the no cannons, lol) and he said “it’s safe!” -_-;

you can barely hear them hit a single bass drum when you’re supposed to have the cannons go BOOM! and BOOM! and BOOM! oh well.

but why do i say “oh well” and not be more upset about it? well…

a) the song was only 99ยข,

b) it’s still the 1812 overture, which has to account for something at least,

– and –

c) starting next tuesday, the naval academy band is going to be doing performances each tuesday at city dock downtown for free! what’s so great about that? well… on august 12 (the last concert) they’re going to be performing THE 1812 OVERTURE WITH LIVE CANNON FIRE! XDDDDDD


hopefully they’ll have a cd of it that i can buy. ^_^ their website says “The Naval Academy Band has no recordings available for the general public. However, the Naval Academy Gift Shop offers recordings which feature selections by the Naval Academy Band and two Midshipmen extracurricular musical groups, the Glee Club and the Drum & Bugle Corps”, so looks like i may need to make a stop in the gift shop sometime and poke around and see what they have for myself. they do have a few mp3s with selections of a few songs on their website (they’re just about 30 seconds long, though), but the interesting thing is they have a mpeg of the band marching at theodore roosevelt’s second inauguration!

i’ve got to work on my comic today, being as it, you know, STARTS TOMORROW AND I HAVEN’T DRAWN IT. hooray for deadlines! without them i’d never get any work done. ^_^;