#1900 – WAHOO!

let’s just say i’m very very VERY pleased about something. ^_^ it’s something i can’t talk about yet, though.

i’ll just say this: if this is really true, well… *uncrosses fingers*


in other news, i bought some more songs from the itunes music store last night – some were songs i already had downloaded but liked so much i wanted a good-quality legit version, so i got:

the blind boys of alabama, “run on for a long time” and “amazing grace” (one of the groups ocarina and i saw at music midtown two years ago – well, the lead singer did say “send all your money to me!”, and their stuff was cool, so there. moby did a song called “run on” with samples of a version of “run on for a long time, but that one’s by some other group)

booker t and the mg’s, “crusin'”

eminem, “without me” (yeah, it’s eminem, but the music video cracked me up so much and the song’s catchy!)

brasil ’66 & sergio mendes, “mais que nada”

color me badd, “i wanna sex you up” (bruno_boy and i freaked out _dream_believer and reaver_of_rolls when we started singing this on our way to rent a movie once XD)

the doors, “break on through” (one of my favorite travelling songs… listened to it when i went on my trip to england last year – we were on the plane taxiing around when the friend across the aisle of the guy sitting next to me said to us “turn on channel 11!”… we turned it on and rocked out, hehehe. now whenever i go flying (especially internationally – heh, that makes me sound like i do that regularly, lol) i have to listen to it on my ipod XD)

esquivel & his orchestra, “mini skirt”, “johnson rag”, “mucha muchacha”, and “question mark (que vas a hacer)” (bachelor pad musics!)

fischerspooner, “emerge” (saw the music vid as one of itunes featured artists)

tchaikovsky, “1812 overture” (WITH NO CANNONS! AARRGG.)

sam & dave, “soothe me” (it’s in the blues brothers!)

steppenwolf, “magic carpet ride” (no lambda chi should be without it!)