#1899 – oh bears

stopped off at the post office this morning to mail some of my ebay packages, but i had to get a poster tube before sending the posters, so i picked that up at school today.

work was ok today, not really that great… just myself and ed, my manager. i’m not really enjoying working there as much anymore – ed tends to get rather irritable easily and starts getting upset at small things. we just installed a new version of our point-of-sale software yesterday, and things weren’t working quite right (the file that tells the barcodes how to print wasn’t working anymore, and we had to make our reports from scratch). so, this made ed kind of upset, and just about everything else wasn’t going right today. i had to help him with the computer (you’d think that someone who’s been using macs for 15 years and makes a living with them would know that apple-c copies what’s selected and apple-v pastes… i had to show him how to do this on the keyboard today :P), and helped an old man buy a computer for his granddaughter. it’s obscene how much people spend on computers for people going to college. i mean, this guy paid $40+ just for a pair of HEADPHONES for the computer. 😛 he could have given me $40, and i would have given him an equally as good pair for $10 and pocketed the rest. XD;

if i was a really really really sinister guy i could get myself a ticket on a plane to some foreign country and keep a suitcase in the trunk of the car, and when they had me deliver someone’s fancy-schmancy laptop or something like that then i could just casually walk down to my car, drive off to bwi, hop a plane, and be off and about with my stolen goods. i’m not that bad, though.

stopped back off at the post office on the way home to mail my posters, and the guy behind the counter was having some problems with getting it in the system correctly… suddenly he shouted “OH BEARS!!!” and pushed some keys and it worked, lol. XD; then he pretended to shoot himself in the head. XD;;; at least i’ve got everything shipped out now. ^_^

talked with one of my old managers with verizon and he said hopefully i should be hearing from HR right about now. *crosses fingers* talked with him about some of the new phones coming out, the new text messaging plan (which i won’t have to worry about if i’m hired) and how nextel is being stupid and fat.

going to head out to one of my brothers’ houses to hang out and if someone brings them we’ll watch the first two terminator movies. *yawn* i’m feeling kinda tired, though, but since i helped plan the event then i guess i better go… ^^;;