#1897 – bachelor pad musics

didn’t really do much today… picked up my friend matt from this place in silver spring and took him to umbc, and in return he gave me a few bucks and let me borrow his developer preview of panther XD installed it on my ipod, and it’s neat to tinker around with so far, but i’m glad i didn’t install it over my (currently working fine) version of mac os 10.2.6.

stueypark and i played some games online after that, and basically just hung out around the house. got work tomorrow though…

…i’ve also got some cool songs from my bachelor pad playlists that i couldn’t help but put up here… i couldn’t make up my mind with the nicola conte “bossa per due” cd so i put my favorites up XD;

– pizzicato five

“roma” (3.9 MB)

“happy sad” (6.9 MB)

“no. 5” (6.7 MB)

“airplane” (6.9 MB)

“the audrey hepburn complex” (8.8 MB)

“twiggy twiggy (twiggy vs. james bond)” (3.7 MB)

– nicola conte

“arabesque” (4.9 MB)

“bossa per due” (7.7 MB)

“il cerchio rosso” (6.1 MB)

“fuoco fatuo” (4.7 MB)

“jazz pour dadine” (5.0 MB)

“la coda del diavolo” (5.8 MB)

“jet sounds” (7.3 MB)

i’ve also got a question about this: