#1891 – i dreamt last night, that means the police will lock me up

so last night i picked up bruno_boy and he and i went to mouse_the_drunk and leahkitty‘s apartment they share with our friends will and gabe so we could have a party (it was gabe’s birthday). as we sat around waiting for people to arrive we watched some robin williams stand-up comedy, and after some more people got there we watched the animatrix (i liked very much, especially the style in the noir-themed one with the private detective… i definitely want to see it again, or maybe i’ll purchase it sometime) – some of the bits in that were kind of cheezy though (like the one with the guy running the race, i figured that from how the one friend of the runner up in the stands looked that he HAD to have been vanilla ice, and since they showed a huge clock face – ok, well, his stopwatch – just before showing the runner, that the runner just HAD to be flava flav… and with the last one – the one with the monkey – when the girl took off her helmet we all swore that because of the way the face and hair looked that it was DEFINITELY michael jackson). the episodes about “the second renaissance” were VERY good, though, and made lots of stuff make sense. after that we watched the movie “equilibrium” (which was pretty cheezy at first and easy to make fun of, but by the end we were shouting “THAT WAS SO COOL!” and skipping back chapters to watch some fight-scenes over again).

after we watched that, we went to the home of a friend of marc and leah’s, and what’s the first thing several 20-somethings did when we arrived? JIGSAW PUZZLES! we managed to finish one puzzle that had be partially done before we arrived. hung out there, watched gabe get pickled, talked with a few people that we had met once or twice before, and we ended up leaving around 3:30 am. ^_^; it was fun though.

last night i dreamt that i was going all over some town (don’t know what town it was, but oftentimes it was like i was looking at an overhead computerized map of the town) with dave and dan. i don’t remember what we did in town, but at one part i think i helped some blonde girl, becaue dave, dan, and i were on a loading dock waiting for a boat to come by, and when the boat arrived i was saying goodbye to the blonde girl, and she said goodbye to dave and dan and when she went to say goodbye to me she asked “do you want me to just say goodbye, or do you want me to show you how i really feel?”. i said yes and for some reason thought she was going to give me a knee in the knick-knacks (if you know what i mean), but she gave me a long passionate kiss and tearfully said goodbye. XD;

then later (different dream) i was at some place… best way to describe it was an art convention, i suppose. it was in a huge hall (like the main hall at comic-con), but each booth was really selling different art supplies and stuff like that. i met both a girl with pink hair, and soundsoft_elvy (at different places in the hall), and they both worked at their own booths selling art stuff, and (sorry, soundsoft_elvy, about putting words into your mouth XD;) both basically said they were infatuated with me and glomped me whenever i was around, and both asked me to help sell stuff at their booth with them. dilemma! soundsoft_elvy? or pink-haired girl? hm… what should i do? i ended up helping both of them out, by working at one booth for a bit, then making up some sort of an excuse that i had to go deliver something or something like that, and then i’d run to the other booth and help out there for a while before making up a new excuse and running back to the first booth, back and forth like that. hehehe.

that’s all i remember of those two dreams, but, hey, those were the important parts! XD

one of my fraternity brothers went to the apple developer’s conference in san francisco – he got an isight and a preview copy of panther (he’s going to give that to me to borrow tomorrow… i need to drive him back to his home on the eastern shore – he’s staying with someone in silver spring right now – but he needs to get back to his car at home, hehe). ^_^