#1889 – highway star

so i went to work to help with inventory today. it wasn’t too bad, mostly just me and one other guy following each other around as one of us counted whatever was on the shelf, the other would scan it in, and then move on to the next item. pretty boring. that took us about 3 hours (from 9 to just after noon), then we sat around while one of the other guys waited for another guy that works in the computer department to finish in a different section so the two of them could double-check our work. the pizza that was ordered for lunch arrived before he finished, so we all went to eat, and shortly afterwards the two guys that were going to do the double-checking started their double-checking while mykle (i think that’s how his name’s spelled… it’s some crazy version of “michael”, hehe) and i just sat back and poked around on the internet. (one of the perks of working in the computer department is we get to goof off like that… we’re not supposed to, but it’s acceptable if it’s computer sites, which was what i mostly did).

anyway, after we goofed off for about 30-40 minutes (around 1:40 now), they told us that maybe we should go to see if they needed anything counted elsewhere in the store, so mykal and i poked around and asked if they needed any help and one person said that everything had already been counted 2 or 3 times, so they didn’t really need our help. we went back to poke around more, but ed said that we could go. mykle already volunteered to double check this one stack of paper that was in the process of being counted, so he stayed back while i got to go. basically i was paid for 5 hours of work when i only did actual work a little over half of that time, lol.

ed, my manager, sent me a copy of a log that this one guy i used to work with back in the day at the bookstore had made of his trip to japan – it’s really good reading. he’s got a really cool way with words. apparently though two years ago (after i left the bookstore to do work around annapolis) he got in a car accident and had a brain injury, and the effects of the injury made it pretty much impossible for him to do work now. ed only sent me the html file because he said that he wasn’t sure if the guy wanted him to give out the webpage address to people, but it’s easy to find via a simple google search (hint: look at the top of that page). you didn’t find out about his page from me, though. XD;

it’s weird reading through the info on his regular page, because i remember some of the things that he talked about (his old instant messenger name, for example, and not really remember the person. bits and pieces are coming back to me now… i’m starting to remember what he looked like after seeing a picture of him in the art section of his page.

on the way home from school i was rocking out… just before getting on the highway to come to annapolis my ipod started to play “rock and roll ain’t noise pollution” by ac/dc, so i figured that i was in the perfect mood for such music that i told it just to play metal songs, so on the way home from there i rolled down the windows and cruised home listening to:

– “rock and roll ain’t noise pollution”, ac/dc

– “highway star”, deep purple

– “we are motorhead”, motorhead

– “rock and roll”, led zeppelin

– “smoke on the water”, deep purple

and i just realized that in “the marshall plan” by blue oyster cult (what i’m listening to right now) it’s got a clip from “smoke on the water” halfway through, and another short bit that sounds like the beginning to “rock and roll ain’t noise pollution”, heh.

time to hang out here until about 5:15, when i go to get bruno_boy and he and i go to mouse_the_drunk and leahkitty‘s place to partay! hooray!