#1888 – esquivel!

curse you, juan garcia esquivel, for making such catchy bachelor-pad music! and curse you, itunes music store for not offering anything but the cabaret mañana album, and even then only having it to be purchased as individual songs… i’m not going to do that for the 19 songs they have at $0.99 each! ;-;

i need more bachelor pad musics… hm… i’ve got my eye on sergio mendes and brasil ’66, and i want to get some herb alpert and the tijuana brass sometime too… practically everything i’ve looked at linked from rudy’s corner i’ve liked so far, hehe…

also, it’s weird to fall asleep listening to my ipod, and looking at the recently played songs when i next sync it to the computer – “hey, i remember listening to this song, and this song, and these few songs, but i don’t remember the dozen or so songs scattered about in the middle!”

43 minutes to go… ^_^