#1886 – >_

i was in the middle of typing up a huge post venting a lot of stuff about things at my job and stuff, and ijournal ate it. >_____<;;;; well, it didn't quite eat it, but there wasn’t anything i could have done to keep it from disappearing. it’s all my fault, really… i was making a link to something and i was going to hit command-L to put it in, but i hit command-shift-L which brings up the login menu, with the only options “login” (and it erases the text entry field you were working on), or quit (and lose whatever you’ve put in the text entry field).

i am ir. ra. tated. -_-;; go see my post, please? x_x;

if i wake up earlyish tomorrow, then maybe i’ll retype it up before going to work. ^^;;;;

good night.