i can’t wait to see that show called BANZAI! on fox in a few weeks from now XDDDDDDDDDDD the commercials and the website crack me up XDDDD

i was updating my addressbook earlier tonight, but i’m missing lots of info or have out of date info for lots of people… if you want to be in my address book, reply with your info you want me to have. entries are screened so nobody else can see, and if you want my info back just say so in your post and i’ll reply back with that ^^ woo woo

oh, yeah, i know i posted information about it way way back in the day and i didn’t make any posts with it, but if anyone wants to see any hardcore glenn posts if i ever make ’em (i’d be posting them to that particular friends group if i ever did make any hardcore glenn posts), then tell me that you want to be on that list too. i keep the ability to decide whether or not to put you on it tho, as it’d be a bit more private ^_^; i know some of you are on the one i already made, so if you want out of that then just tell me to take you off…

btw, i noticed that replying to a screened comment makes the one you’re replying to unscreened, so if you want to reply to one of my replies, then just start a new thread (i get to screen the comments again since i’m special XD)