#1881 – methinks my business venture would be blocked by spam filters

i was talking earlier with zenmetsu about how i was getting money to pay my bills (3 items have bids now! yay!)…

dan: maybe you should start selling your body

me: maybe

me: i’ll send out emails

me: subject: “ATTN: HAWT CHIX”

dan: lol

me: “are you tired of not having any glennage? need some of that skinny-boy loving? want to give someone candy but didn’t know who?


me: for the low low cost of $9.95 (plus the cost of candy) you can take glenn home to be your sex slave.


me: call today! glenn is standing by to take your call!”

dan: you should put that in your LJ

so i did. XD then later i was telling him about how stueypark and i have been playing the new version of the quake 3 truecombat mod, and it’s so so so cool now…

me: i mean, the flashbangs now even really hurt your ears, lol

me: it’s got this really high-pitched tone for those, lol

dan: oh yes i want to play a game that hurts my ears

XDDD;;; that’s the worst part of the game. the rest of it is so much fun now, though. stu and i like our names in it too… he’s “general electric” and i’m “col. panic” XDDDDD

i ought to get to bed, since i have to work in the morning, but tomorrow is also the 23rd! do you know what that means…? XDDDD