#1877 – moving on up

well, i rushed out the door this morning thinking that i had to work today, but when i arrived and was on my way to clock in, my manager said that

arg, i’m going to kill whoever broke the spacebars on half the computers in here. >_<;; all the keyboards i've tried tilt to the right, so pressing on the right half of the spacebar just makes it collapse on that side and doesn't register a space at all. this sucks because i'm used to pressing it with my right thumb and i have to make a conscious effort to press it with my left thumb. as such my train of thought keeps getting interrupted by my brain telling my hands to remember which one should be pressing the spacebar. 😛 anyway... *continues* my manager said that i actually wasn't scheduled to work today, so i checked the schedule and what do you know, he was right. and today just had to be the day i left my ipod's headphones at home since i figured i wouldn't have time to sit around and listen to music (since i thought that my schedule today would be to go to work and immediately after that i'd be off to class). so, instead, i picked up my paycheck ($37.20), and deposited that with money mom gave me for the chores i did, so now i'm back to a positive balance XD sure, it's only $13-and-something-cents, but at least it's positive. and i'm supposed to be getting paid $10 when i meet back up with my fraternity brother on monday to sell him this old copy of adobe premiere i have. then i can finally get a haircut. ^_^; (and my account will go back down to zero ^^;;) i start to look like an airbus if it gets too long… i get little things that remind me of winglets shooting off the sides of my head, lol…

which reminds me… stueypark and zenmetsu, could you guys get to me some moneys for the site? it’s about $20 total, but if you give me more i won’t complain. XD

so, since i don’t have class until 12:15, i’m just hanging out in the library with computers with busted keyboards. stupid keyboards. it’s making me upset just using it… -_-; 😛