#1874 – c'est la vie, c'est la ants, c'est un crap in your pants

apparently 4 out of 5 people think i’m helpful.

i guess the 1 person left didn’t think crapping their pants was any help at all. oh well.

our air conditioner is broken. dad thinks that one part of it works, but the other part of it is broken, and that’s why the little whirly fan on the top doesn’t spin. air still comes out of the vents, but it’s not cold air, but that’s because the fan in the basement isn’t broken. this means that i’m very hot right now, but the hawt chix already knew that. XD

i’ll go down to my room in a few to clean up and sit in my chair. ^_^ that’s one good thing about my room, since it’s in the basement it’s a lot cooler down there. (it’s even cooler than it used to be down there now that i moved my chair to the basement, but you already knew that anyways.) XD