#1871 – #72 at 3:30 am

so i took a nap from 1 – 2 am, and drove up to white marsh mall just outside of baltimore… got there at about 3:30, and the people ahead of me in line said for me to go to the front and put my name on a list. i was #72. XD so i mostly sat there under the overhang watching the other people in line (i had tried to get zenmetsu and stueypark and bruno_boy, but they had excuses like “i hafta work” and “i hafta sleep”. pfft. sleep. ha! ha! that’s for the weak. XD

in any case, i was stuck there by my lonesome listening to my ipod when who do i see but SUSAN! ^_^ she and betsy had stayed at their friend’s (karen’s? i just blanked on the name ^_^;;;) place last night and they showed up at about 4:30, and were #86 and #87.

apparently the guy who was taking the names down, he had gone to the college park store and found out he was #101 in line, so he came to this store and was something like #5.

around 7 – 7:30 some ikea people came out and said that they were going to have someone pass out granola bars and juice to the people in line, and that around 8:30 they were going to start handing out numbered slips of paper to the first 100 people in line. the people who had put their names on the list (the first ~100 people to arrive) wanted them to follow the list the guy from college park had made since that was in the order of first-come first-served, but the people past 100 wanted them to just hand out the slips (i guess the people that were in the low 100s were hoping they could butt up in line some and get the slips meant for the people in the 90-range :P), but after watching the guy from college park explain what he did to a guy who i guess was the store manager, the manager guy walked around with the list and read off the names on the list while the college park guy followed him since he kind of knew who was who. i was number #70 now – they said that some people ahead in line had left, heh.

after they gave those out to the first 100 people, from what i heard they gave the 101st person a $100 gift card, and everyone after that got a little stool (not really fancy… kind of cheap, actually… but they really weren’t expecting to get anything, i guess, so it was good. and it kept them from rioting and stealing our numbered slips of paper. ^_^;).

then we filed in the store, and exchanged our numbered slips of paper for vouchers to be turned in at the furniture pick-up stand for the chairs, so after we got those then susan, betsy, their friend, and i all went around the store and looked at stuff, got our chairs, and i went off to work. ^_^

it’s really comfortable. <3 i fell asleep in it when i got home (i almost fell asleep at work since i only got a few hours' sleep last night ^^;; i got a soda and that kept me awake, hehe). now that i have my new chair, when i put it and my current desk chair in the same room when i live in the apartment on campus, the sexyness will require i put this sign on the door XD