#1869 – camping

to continue my edward-norton-(fight-club character)’s trend of doing stuff that edward norton and/or his character from fight club does, i’m going to go camp out in front of ikea. XD why? because today is I-DAY! in other words, to celebrate the grand opening of a new local ikea store, the three closest stores are giving out chairs to the first 100 people in line at 10 am XD

guess who wants a free chair? XDDD

i’ll be out there until about 10 am (~10 or so hours). send me text messages to keep me occupied. XD

*grabs his folding chair, umbrella, indy hat, crosses his fingers, and goes out to sit in the rain* XDD

update: think i’ll take a nap for about an hour or so first… XD; read that last time something like this happened someone arrived there at about 7 and there were only 75 people in line, so getting there at after 2 am in the rain i don’t think there’ll be much competition… XD;

better not be wrong, though ;-;