#1865 – nothing witty

i don’t like it when i can’t think of a good title for a post. if i can’t think up a good title, then why bother posting? hm? ^^;

plans for today (tuesday):

– work

– sell old copy of adobe premiere to fraternity brother (yay more cash)

– math test (poo) hope i do good… i studied some tonight ^_^;

– come home and do more cleaning for $$$

– make appointment for haircut

when i interviewed for the verizon wireless job the manager said that he was sending the paperwork to HR on (last) friday, and they should get it monday (yesterday). now i just need to wait for them to call, which he thought would be sometime this week. the sooner, the better, so i can pay my end-of-the-month bills. stupid 3-week paycheck schedule. 😛

hopefully they’ll call tomorrow. it seems really early, though, but i’m still hoping…

and soon as i find out from dan what i said at one part on the trip (there’s a reason we wrote it down) i’ll make a funny post. XD