#1864 – one bad, two good

…that’s the way things go in glenn’s neighborhood.

bad news: i went up to umbc to find out about my paycheck, and from what i understand it’s on a 3-week schedule. meaning i won’t get my payment for the first-half of the pay-period i worked that ended may 31st until this friday. grrr…

good news #1: i talked with my managers about going in to work a little late on wednesday, and they said no problem. that’s good for me for I-DAY XD

good news #2: mom says she’ll pay me for these around-the-house chores so i can have some moneys.

$30 – dust/vacuum all furniture in living room / dining room

$20 – vacuum & wash van / windex windows, etc

$15 – for getting the computer up and running smoothly and configuring it properly

also, on the way home i ROCKED OUT to a heavy version of “my guitar wants to kill your mama” by frank zappa (MP3, 4.8 MB) (i love this version), and i was 2/2 for undercover-cop-car spotting

now to finish my work and get to lunch. i mean, finish my lunch and get to work. XD