#1861 – ama

ok, so yesterday we (zenmetsu and stueypark and myself) went to anime mid atlantic in richmond, and after a few stops along the way for banking or lunch or traffic we got there just after 2. checked out the dealers’ room and the artist alley (was stopped in there at one table by t. campbell and talked for a few minutes about webcomics, lol), and then went to see the music video contest.

the place they were having the music video contest in was kinda weird… it was like a giant igloo, and there were dozens of little holes in parts of the roof that sun came in through – it made me think of an extremely hot planetarium on the inside. 😛 the contest itself, well… let me put it this way: if the music video contest at various conventions i’ve been to could be compared to different baseball leagues, then…

otakon: major league

katsucon: minor league

anime usa: little league

anime mid atlantic: t-ball 😛

we stayed for a dozen or so videos, but they were difficult to watch – they had jumpy footage, used clips from opening/closing sequences with most of the footage obscured by the credits, badly compressed footage with artifacting, or extremely low quality realmedia-esque footage, or some combination of those. 😛 i wondered if because so many of these videos had the same problem of jumpy footage that maybe that was an aftereffect from being all put together as one long string of footage with lead-in credits and such, but i also thought that whoever was running the music video contest would have known better than to do something like that. there were one or two videos that i liked, but they would have been better if they weren’t, you know, painful to watch. 😛

i left in the middle of that to go to the tiffany grant autograph session – she was pretty nice and we talked back and forth for a few minutes as she signed my program. XD

after that, stu and dan and i met back up and went to see “ai yori aoshi” – it was a pretty good series, i want to see more of it. it’s similar to other series, though, so i had to keep reminding myself that aoi-chan was not a robot. 😛

we tried to get into the cosplay after that, but the line was too long, so we decided to poke around some ourselves and get dinner.

after dinner dan and i tried to get into the cosplay again, but there was an overflow line to get into the giant igloo, so we went to see the “love hina: spring special” – i thought it was kinda funny, and i hadn’t seen any of the love hina anime before (only read some of the manga), but they showed it dubbed. and the dub was WORSE than “voltage fighter gowkaizer” 😛

after that dan and i wandered around and poked our heads into the art show, and then we went to see “please teacher” (or as i called it “onegai teacher” as i thought they should have kept the title :P). stu met up with us in the video room where that was playing. i must say THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST ANIMES I HAVE EVER SEEN. really! it was great! and there’s a guy in it who looks just like gendo’s happy friendly nice good twin! i so want to see more of this. XD

after that, we headed back home since it’s about a 2 hour drive to dan’s place, and another 30-40 minutes past that to my place. but it was pretty fun (even though it was a really small con and we were only there one day). i can’t wait for otakon. XD