#1857 – rain delays

went to school today – i asked about my paycheck, but the person i need to talk to won’t be in until monday. ^^;

after class i hung around and waited for some other people to show up, since we were going to the orioles game (hey, shoujonomoricheck this out XDD) tonight… it ended up being chris (my big), patrick ellis, dave, and john, who was a friend of dave’s. we got our tickets ($5 each – student night), and went to the left-field upper-deck to our seats, they weren’t bad, but they weren’t the greatest either… eventually since there was so few people up there the usher told us we could go anywhere in that area we wanted, so we moved right up front to some decent seats. but it turned out that was the “dugout club” area, where all the kids who’ve signed up for the “dugout club” were sitting. ^^; we thought it was bad of the guy who sold us the tickets to put four college kids in among a bunch of little kids, so we moved to a different section a bit farther away because we figured we’d eventually make someone mad with our shoutings of “BAD WORDS!” and “FILTHY LANGUAGE!” and “THE FUNNY CHARACTERS YOU GET WHEN YOU HOLD DOWN ‘SHIFT’ AND MASH THE NUMBER KEYS!!”, hehe. in any case, moving off to the middle of nowhere let us not have to censor ourselves as much as we did with a bunch of little kids right behind and next to us. ^_^;

we only got to see the first player out, though. right after that they called a rain delay because it started raining hard, and it eventually was thundering and lightning and such so we moved back a few rows under the overhang. we tried to move back some more later when we were getting wet, but it turned out that it was from the rain blowing BEHIND us (and we were in the middle of the section and getting soaked!) so we just stayed there and got wet. we saw two boys about 13 or so sitting near where we had been sitting, and they just stayed out there in the rain (they came up under the overhang to get candy from their parents), even when it got real heavy. since one of them was wearing an ac/dc shirt we kept saying that he was “SO HARDCORE!!!” XD the rain ended up slowing down later so it was just thunder and lightning in the distance, but the game still didn’t start for a while after that. during the rain delay we just sat there and hung out and watched a show about the orioles’ old stadium (memorial stadium was awesome, but as a little kid i always thought it was going to fall apart when things got crazy there XD;), and watched girls run around in the rain and we tried to take secret pictures with my camera of them XD. couldn’t use a flash, though, as we were being secret! and digital zoom isn’t that great either, but at least it helped pass the time. XDD

after 2 hours of rain delay they started the game back up at 9 pm. we got to see 3 or so innings after that. we were starting to get back into the game, but in the 4th inning when they called another rain delay we were getting tired of sitting out there with the rain, and since john’s family was planning on heading to the beach for the weekend tonight and it was after 10 pm and we only took one car we figured we’d go. oh well… wish it could have been better, but what can you do about the weather?

couple of funny quotes and some pictures from tonight:

me: *talks to chris about girl-ogling situations*

chris: “well, when a situation like that comes along, i guess you should take it… i mean, you gotta take what you can get when opportunity ‘knockers’…”

chris: “hey! cute girls down below!”

us: *leans over in our seats to see over balcony*

dave: “dude, how’d you know they were there? you can barely see them from this position.”

chris: *smug* “… like a hawk.” XD


chris: “girls to the left!”

us: *look*

dave: “… dude … they look like they’re 14” T_T;

chris: “… like a hawk?” XD;;;;;;;;;;;;

us: ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


it turns out dan can go to the convention tomorrow. yay! i’m dressing in my lupin outfit so i can be in costume at the con… this’ll be fun. ^^

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