#1855 – questioned and questions

jennifer aniston is on leno and wearing a very low cut dress. XD can’t… stop… looking.. arg…

*tears himself away from the tv to post* besides, it’s commercial time. XD;

so i went to school this afternoon… i thought that i’d get there late and arrive after the daily quiz, but turns out i got there just before it. i don’t know which would have been worse, though, because i don’t think i did well on the quiz. at least she drops the lowest 3… ^_^;

anyway, after that i went to my interview, which i think went pretty well (as far as interviews go, at least). tomorrow is the last day for one of the customer care reps, so they’re looking for the 6 people they’re hiring to start almost immediately. i don’t really like the types of questions where it’s like “what did you do in a particular situation and what happened?” i feel like i’m doing badly if i need to think for a minute or three about how i can answer it… ^^;; but overall it wasn’t too bad. ^_^ my old coworkers i saw all hoped that i get the job. lawrence (the store manager) said that he’ll send the interview to HR tomorrow, and they’ll get it early next week, so sometime next week i’ll probably be getting a call to tell me if i got the job. ^-^

i got the el presidente comic stuff up on keenspace… the website is really all complete now, except for maybe one or two little things that i can’t think of right now. the big thing it needs though is a forum. anybody have any good recommendations for places to get a forum hosted at? we used to do the neobaka forums at ezboard, but i’d rather not have to use them with how much of the page is taken up with ads now. -_-;; there’s also the keenspace forums, which have the bonus of practically everyone interested is already registered to post, but it looks like it takes forever between forum request and forum creation. ^^;; so yeah, i’m looking to see what my options are…