#1849 – show me the moneys

work and school today were same ‘ol same ‘ol, but when i was clocking out of work i got a call on my cellphone… it was lawrence, the new store manager at my old verizon wireless store, looking to set up an interview with me for the job i applied for. ^_^ he said that my resumé looked pretty good, and he talked with some of my old coworkers and managers that i had worked with and they all highly recommended me. XD lawrence and i had seen each other before when i was working in the store (he was actually the manager for our store in bowie at the time that i was working), so he told me that he remembered seeing me but we had never been formally introduced. so now on thursday my plans are:

1) go see the concorde land at dulles

2) come home, change to nice clothes, get lunch

3) go to school

4) go straight to store for interview

i text-messaged two of my old coworkers and one of my old managers that i was pretty good friends with and told them the news… the manager (jason) said that he told lawrence all about me and told him how good i was at a managers’ meeting a week or so ago, haha… ^_^

i don’t know if they’ll be hiring the same day if i get the job or if they’ll call me later or what, though. but still, this is good news. ^_^ not only will my tuition be paid for automagically, yo, but my mad cash flow be fresh.

i got a call from the bank yesterday though about how since my account was in negative moneys the latest payment for my line of credit didn’t get fully paid. ^^;; i told them about how i lost my job and am still waiting for the paychecks from my new job, and they were nice about it and said they’d mark the account. today after work i stopped by the bank (it’s next door to the school bookstore where i work, haha) and since i got money from pap-pap the other day i made that payment and deposited some cash in there too to make it at not-so-negative moneys.

i want to try selling some things i have on ebay (a movie i wanted but mistakenly bought the laserdisc version XD;;; and a processor upgrade card that i may just sell with the whole computer on there), but i can’t sell stuff on ebay until i get my account to positive moneys. how will i be able to use ebay to help get my account to positive moneys, then? it’s all a conspiracy by the man to keep me down, i say!

it’s fun to say “moneys” instead of the grammatically correct “money”. phooey on you if you’re a grammar nazi and don’t like it. XD

i find it slightly amusing that i’m more receptive to talking about things like this (meaning “money problems” and all sorts of personal stuff) online with dozens of people i either don’t know at all or barely know personally) than with my parents. when they found out about my money problems mom said to talk to dad about it later, but i don’t really want to… i kinda feel that things like this i’ve got to work out on my own (not to mention i don’t feel like they should need to give me money to pay off my bills, and that it makes me… i dunno… “indebted”? that’s really not the word i want to use, but it’s the closest that i can think of.

besides, i think there’s some things you’ve got to learn to do on your own. plus i was thinking today how i’ll almost never ask for help unless i desperately need it, and even when i may desperately need it i may not ask for help. i guess i’m just stubborn that way. ^^;

i guess you can say that i want to go through life without a safety net.

oh yeah, and i do my own stunts, too. XD