#1847 – long chart

zowie… everyone’s been busy filling out the lj-match profiles…

kokochan 102%
ladynemo 98%
aeire 98%
mouse_the_drunk 98%
elcarpeto 91%
filmbuff 91%
shoujonomori 91%
soundsoft_elvy 91%
trpeal 91%
bruno_boy 87%
bigangry 87%
pdi 87%
well_yeah 85%
borednclueless 84%
godai 84%
ocarina 84%
elvengrrl 84%
evilyn 84%
anaidiana 83%
blessed_fire 83%
apb_don 83%
superjoe 80%
kittykatya 80%
jimmmay 79%
circlek 77%
vampiricangel 76%
damonk13 76%
pockyman 74%
saccarineayako 72%
zrosan 72%
poemi 72%
gothicbra 72%
superjoe 72%
woap 70%
carla80 69%
shortieterp 69%
jesidres 69%
taeha 65%
scrubbo 65%
likeadream 58%
How compatible with me are YOU?

i’ve noticed when poking around that ljmatch thing looking for The Ladies that when i find someone with a score of 100+% their journal posts look EXACTLY. LIKE. MINE. serious.

General Question. Answer to relieve my boredom. hee.

If you were to die, what would you want to come back as? Why?

you know.. assuming that reincarnation existed and all.

Obvious Celisse answer:

I WANNA COME BACK AS A PIRATE! HARRRR! so that i can say fun things like “swab the deck, maytee!” and “swashbuckler” and sail on fun boats and things. yesssssss. and and and i could have lots of gold and jewels and things. and and and i can wear a bandana on my head and big hoop earrings. and and and it would just be fun. yessssss. 😀

she had 110%, haha. XD but yeah, it’s always stuff like that with the people who scored really high. i guess personality = posting style (to a degree), hehe…

and i’ve decided that my life needs a soundtrack. who wants to follow me around with speakers hooked up to an mp3 player filled with various songs?