#1842 – dirty

i woke up late (like, an hour late. just before i was supposed to be at work ^^;;) this morning. my alarm went off at 8 (as usual), and i stayed in bed sleeping on and off until 9-ish (as usual). but in between those times mom rushed in my room to find a shoe to smack a cricket that was running around the basement with ( 😛 ), and next thing i know she’s saying it’s almost 10 am. i quickly got dressed and sent an email to my boss (turns out he’s not in the store today, just the assistant manager of the computer department. oh well.) telling him i’d be late. apparently everybody in the computer department was late today except for the assistant manager. oh well. ^_^;; they didn’t really care.

the weird thing was just before mom woke me up i was dreaming that i was at work, but this was back when the bookstore was in the university center, and in the dream i was helping a customer compare color laser prints, lol.

we got back our first test in my math class. i got a 72% ^^; it would have been an 82%, but one problem that i got correct i couldn’t get any credit for because the teacher wanted it solved using a particular formula (several other people did the same thing too), and she instructed the teacher’s assistant to not give any partial credit for that. basically, she wanted us to demonstrate that two given problems were inverses by going:

ƒ(g(x)) = x


g(ƒ(x)) = x

i had solved it by setting ƒ(x) and g(x) to be the variable y and then solved each equation for variable x. so, while i got the right answer, i couldn’t get any credit because i didn’t do it the exact way the teacher wanted. -_-;; the teacher’s assistant said that the overall average was a 58%, so i didn’t do too bad compared to the average, hehehe…

to paraphrase george gobel: “have you ever felt the relationship scene was a tuxedo, and you were a pair of brown shoes?”

i started thinking about that after a slightly embarrassing (only for me, in the “how could i do such a thing??” sort of way) experience just before my math discussion group (contact me if you really want details ^^;;).

then later tonight mom gave me money to go to best buy to get “catch me if you can” for her. so i go there, find it, and go to the first checkout line i see. i get up there and girl working the register looks at me and says “you’re with the lambda chi alphas at umbc, right?”

me: “yeah… i’m surprised you recognized me without my letters on…”

her: “well, that shirt you’re wearing” (i’m wearing my charlie brown shirt) “i’ve only seen one or two other people ever wearing that shirt and i’ve seen you wear it on campus”

then she asked me my name, so i told her, but i couldn’t think of an un-dorky way to ask for hers (she didn’t have a namebadge on or anything like that)

now i’m a little upset with myself a bit for not asking her name. even if it wouldn’t have gone anywhere, i can’t keep acting like this. ;_; i’ve got to gain some confidence and take some risks. otherwise, i’ll end up a dirty old man or something… ^^;;;