#1841 – yay "barin sells"

i mean yay “brain cells”.

work this morning was pretty easy… couldn’t do much since we were rebuilding the product database. so most of the time i sat at the computer and looked up stuff on the internet. i showed my boss how i was able to stream my music off of my computer at home, and he said it was neat but he didn’t want me to listen to music at work. boo.

precalc class was ok. had my first exam in that class, and i think i did really well. ^_^ *crosses fingers*

stopped by the kiosk and the store today to talk about applying for the new position. one of the guys i worked with at the store (and has now transferred to the kiosk) said that from what he understood they were getting rid of the greeters and replacing them with 6 customer care reps (4 for the store / 2 for the kiosk), and they’d take over the greeting functions and also do the customer care stuff too. when i stopped by the store and found out who the new manager is so i could give her my resume she remembered me (she came in the store as a customer care rep from a different store, iirc, just as i was leaving), so she said that i looked familiar, which is good.

then “money” by pink floyd came on the radio as i was leaving in my car. yes, my life has a soundtrack.

i wonder how long it’ll take them to find people for this job? sooner is better. heck, i wonder how long it’ll take for my new job i have now to send me my first paycheck (it’ll be about $30. whatta sum. :P). maybe i’ll ask about that tomorrow. 😛

oh, new icon, got it from bigbigtruck, hehe.

anyway, spent most of the night watching “the amazing race” and organizing my music on the computer and watching bits and pieces of “rush hour” and “rush hour 2”. chris tucker cracks me up. XD

i don’t think i’ll be going to the airshow this weekend. stupid lack of funds. maybe i’ll call pap-pap up tomorrow and see if he wants me to bring the mac plus to his place for him to use… i think i remember him saying that if i got it up and working he’d give me $50, hehe…