#1837 – *crosses fingers*

email i got about 2.5 – 3 hours ago from one of my fraternity brothers and just saw:

My Dad has a friend that works at the Airport (BWI), and was asked to find two

students to do data entry. I am going to except the job, but the airport is

still looking for another person. The job entitles you to work 4 hours Monday

through Friday, but the thing is atleast one of us needs to be there everyday,

so if you cannot work I must work 8 hours that day. The pay is $12 per hour

and the job starts next week and lasts till the end of September. If there is

anyone that is interested I need to know as soon as possible. Thank you,


*crosses fingers* i hope nobody else replied to him before me. ;_;v

c’mon lucky icon, don’t fail me now XD