#1836 – happiness is… ^_^

glenn’s guide to general happiness, or, “i do most of these, you should too!”:

1. don’t obsess over bad stuff (too much. a little obsession at first is ok). if something bad happens, figure out how to change it for the better instead of worrying about what’s going to happen. besides there’s 6 billion+ people on the world right now… chances are someone has already done exactly what you’ve done.

2. buy a mac. 75% of your problems will magically disappear if you do.

3. eat candy. but brush your teeth so you don’t get cavities.

4. don’t be worried to learn new things. or learn things twice for that matter. fail a class? who cares. take it over again. but you should learn from your mistakes, though, and find a different instructor this time. 😛

5. sing in the car when you drive places.

6. listen to EXCITING CLASSICAL/ORCHESTRAL MUSIC in the car too.

7. don’t be worried about being crazy in public

8. turn on your headlights (NOT the running lights. HEADLIGHTS. THE BRIGHT THINGS THAT SHINE OFF THE FRONT OF YOUR CAR.) when driving in overcast weather / rain. people’ll thank you. (well, they may not say “thank you”, but they won’t cuss you out. unless you drive with your brights on – that’s not nice.

9. travel to other countries. it’s a lot of fun, you get to learn new things and explore new places. behave yourself, though – you’re an example of your home country.

10. donate to charity or give random people money. *hint* XD

p.s. –