#1835 – de-voured my bank account

*sigh* my bank account is depressing to look at. ;_; it looks like a buffet after fat albert’s gone through… EMPTY. ^^;;

it was like ‘bleepbleepbleepbleepbleep!!!’ and then, like, my bank account was gone. i was like… ‘unnh?’ … it de-voured my bank account. it was a really good bank account. and then i had to put money in but it wasn’t as good.

it’s kind of… … … a bummer.

i’ve got my new job now, but it barely makes me any moneys. so, i figured there was no use sitting around and depressing. i updated my resumé on (since that’s been unchanged for almost 3 years now ^^;), checked verizon wireless’ jobs online (didn’t see any for maryland), so i worked my contacts (i sent a text message to one of my old managers and one of my old coworkers from verizon to see if there were any positions open… apparently there’s lots of customer service positions open – yay!)

so i’m going to print out my resumes and bring them with me tomorrow so i can take them to the stores i worked at. hopefully i’ll be able to get a job there again… ^_^; they’ll pay my tuition! and give me mad cash! ^__^