#1831 – ddr trip

there was a commercial for sam adams lager on tv. i remember when i was working at a webdesign place several years ago and one of the guys i worked with was from england and he was talking about different types of beers and such with another coworker…

coworker: “sam adams is a british beer!”

english coworker: “no it’s not!”

other coworker: “sam adams was an american patriot – why would he be making ENGLISH BEER??”

the stanley cup finals is on tv right now too… i’m rooting for the new jersey devils (i mean, “anaheim ducks”? disney’s given me too many bad vibes… disney = evil (sorry troutman ~_^)! it’s not a case of east-coast vs west-coast, hehe) so, i’m rooting for the new jersey devils. *nods* i keep thinking on the scoreboard on the top right of the screen where it says NJ and ANA that it’s “new jersey” vs “all nippon airways“, lol.

yesterday zenmetsu and bruno_boy and _dream_believer and reaver_of_rolls and myself went on a ddr excursion… we were planning on meeting at dan’s house at 9:00 – 9:30 am, pile into david’s car and drive to frederick to play ddr. well… david went to pick up william and dave since they both live in bowie, and after picking up william (who lives about 10-15 minutes from dave’s place) they got lost and spent about an hour and 45 minutes driving around. they even ended up back in annapolis (where i came from), and got to dan’s place at almost 11. i had arrived at dan’s place at 9:15 thinking that everyone was waiting for me, but it turned out i even woke dan up when i got to his place, lol.

meanwhile, after we found out they were lost, dan and his brother dave (davers) and i went to mc donald’s and got breakfast. we got back to dan’s place just before everyone else arrived.

went to francis scott key mall and hung out there and played some ddr and looked around the arcade (s’where i got this new icon) and poked around the mall. after we’d been there for a while we drove to a putt-putt place with a very loud arcade (the room was about 20’x70′ with a tile floor so everything echoed, was crammed with arcade machines with just a few narrow aisles to get around, plus had a few birthday parties and tons of little kids running around). we played some ddr there, kept trying to win from this one machine the movie “jackie chan: half a loaf of kung fu” (dan thinks we must have put $3 into that machine), played the game “police 911” (when it evaluated his skills as a policeman, dave got a 0 for ethics the first time he played since he kept accidentally shooting his fellow officers and civilians, hehe), and after doing that for a while we headed back to dan’s place (listening to william be witty and make little speeches in the car, and david, william, and dave headed back to their places.

dan and i hung out at his place, and then his brother dave (davers) arrived, so we went out to an anime store and poked around and then went to tower records (on dan’s day off, hehe) and poked around there. his tower records has a whole little section just for drinking songs, hee hee hee…

dave (davers) also found a copy of “zaireeka” by the flaming lips… we thought it had been rare and out of print and since it was $25 he bought it… looks like from what says it’s been reissued? *shrug* maybe i’ll buy it sometime since i’ve got all the tracks combined on to one cd, heh…

then we went back to dan and dave’s place and hung out for a bit then i came back home. whee.

quotes from the day…

me: (after dave [davers] thought we were ripped off at mcdonald’s) “dave, just because they’re called ‘hash browns’ doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be smoking them!”

me: “i should make a sign that says ‘hello hawt chix!’ and when i see girls in another car i can whip it out and hold it up… and when i i’m not driving i can go up to a girl and say ”scuse me while i whip this out’ and reach in my pants to take out my sign…”

dan: “…and get slapped.”

me: “hmm… true… maybe i’ll have to rethink this…”

dan: “but then what would you say if a girl said to you ‘what’s your sign’?”

me: “i’d say ‘neon!'”

dan: “but would your sign be neon?”

me: “yeah… it’d be like those neon signs outside hotels, you know? the ones that say ‘HOTEL’…”

dan: “oh, i thought you were going to say that it’d be like the signs that say ‘VACANCY’… so, if it just says ‘HOTEL’, does that mean you’re generic?”

me: “no! it means that i’m… uh… cheap and got roaches living in me… uh, wait a second, that’s not right…”

dan: “HAHAHA”

me: (kicks a bunch of soda cans in dan’s backseat) *CLANKCLANKCLANK!!*

dan: “what’d you do??”

me:kick the can

dan: “…”

me: “if i keep this up, dan will make me drop out of the car…”

dan: “don’t make me drop the bomb on you.”

me: “if it’s the funk-bomb, we’ll need rhythm & police.”

dan: “… this is sad.”