#1823 – i've got it bad, i've got it bad, i've got it bad…

i’m hot for teacher(‘s assistant)…

today wasn’t a bad day at all. blue skies, sun shining (6th day this month that’s happened! there’s been too much rain lately -_-;), work not too bad.

in general: whee! it must be my lucky day or something.

i just spilled some coke on myself. this reminds me that i have to do my laundry. i’ll work on that after this post and eating my beef ‘n bean burrito for lunch.

anyway, back to the subject of this post. i finished up work and went to the discussion part of my math class (yes, the class where the teacher looks just like the mom from lain), and as i walk to the classroom i think “that voice sounds awfully familiar…”. as i enter, i see the teacher’s assistant demonstrating how to solve a particular function, and my jaw drops – it was this girl i met at this party a few months ago, and we had flirted a little bit with each other, but she seemed more interested in this other guy though. *sniffle* ;_;

oh well. she looked awfully cute (she happens to both look and sound like chloë annett >:D) today (hooray for summer fashions!) ^_^ this also gives me extra incentive to go to the discussion group session, lol.

this math class is definitely shaping up to be better than the last precalc class i took (and failed). this one’s in a classroom instead of a big lecture hall, the teacher doesn’t mind having to stop to explain things further, and the teacher’s assistant is much more knowledgable (the guy i had last time had this thick eastern-european accent and could never explain things so we could understand them -_-;;).

another thing that amused me more than it should have was when we were working on a math problem in the class and the teacher put up on the board:

ƒ(s) = x² + y²

i couldn’t help thinking of S-E-X-X-Y when we worked it out, lol.