#1820 – region-free

i just patched the firmware for my dvd-ram drive, so now i’ve changed it from a rpc-2 type drive to an rpc-1 drive! ^_^

what does this mean?

*describes in general terms*

well, first off, each dvd player is set to a specific region, and these regions are numbered 1-6 (there’s actually 8 total, but 7 is reserved for special use, and 8 is for non-geographic stuff, like maybe stuff you might rent on a plane or something like that – in any case, 7 and 8 aren’t really used at all, so we’ll just forget about them)…

each dvd is encoded with none, one, or more than one of these regions, telling it what players it can be used in. no encoding = playable in all drives, region 1 encoding = playable in the us and canada; region 6 encoding = playable in china; regions 1 & 4 = us, canada, south america, australia; etc.

there’s two different formats that dvd players can be set to: rpc-1 and rpc-2.

with rpc-1: drives can only play dvds from the region they’re set to, but the number of times the region can be changed and set to another region is unlimited.

with rpc-2: drives can only play dvds from the region they’re set to, and you can only change and set the region to a new one about 5 times before it’s locked at that setting. once it’s locked, a manufacturer can reset the drive (giving you about 5 more region changes), but this manufacturer reset can only be done a few times. once the manufacturer resets have been used up, no more changes can be done.

so basically, my dvd drive in my computer was an rpc-2 drive. i checked the info on the drive to be sure of what type it was and what firmware it had, patched the firmware on the drive, and that changed it to an rpc-1 drive, but i double-checked to be sure with the info program. then i used the region utilities to change the region myself. (see, even though it’s now an rpc-1 drive, it has to be set manually for whatever region the dvd is from).

(disclaimer: firmware updating, especially this hax0ry unofficial unsupported sort, is pretty risky. it voids your warranty – mine was already up, so that’s one reason why i did it with this comp. if you’re at all unsure, then don’t do it, and if something happens, you only have yourself to blame :P)

in short, yesterday: us and canada. now: THE WORLD!!! MUHAHAHA!!!!