#1817 – overdose of ebay

my grandfather was looking at a badly jpeg-compressed picture the other day, and when he saw how the people in the picture looked with that artifacting he said “looks like these guys had an overdose of ebay!”

my cousin and i laughed, and when he tried to figure out what he meant we told him we had no idea but it definitely was not ebay.

turned out later somehow he figured out he was thinking about botox, lol.

i was looking up prices of digital slr cameras on ebay earlier, and they’re expensive. at least the canon ones… i didn’t look at any other brands. probably the cheapest i saw was about $900, and they just went up from there. it’d be nice to fiddle with one, though… that’d be kind of fun to experiment with.

i’ll probably hold off on actively thinking of getting one for another two or so years… it’d be much better for planespotting photography instead of my little point ‘n shoot digicam. the nice thing about the camera i have now though is it’s very small which makes it good for carting around and the zoom/quality is good for general shots. i’d like to experiment with a bit more involved photography, though.

that’s the nice thing i like about digital pics… no need to worry about wasting film. XD

and on the subject of both ebay and photography, i helped dad set up some ebay auctions today. he figured his way through most of the submission stuff, and i let him use my digicam and showed him how to import the pics and get them all set up on ebay – he’s a big civil war buff (wrote some articles and had been working on a fictional book too), and he collects antique photographs, so he wanted to put a few pics from his collection up on ebay ^_^

now bedtime in a few… got work at 10 tomorrow… ^_^;