#1812 – classic

if quakers are supposed to be such nice people, then why did they make commercials showcasing “the cereal that was shot from guns“?

i searched and searched for a copy of the tv commercial or radio ad bit of that, but i couldn’t find it online anywhere ;_; if anyone sees it, link me, ‘cos i want to see that for myself. i just spent the last two hours searching for it online everywhere i could think. ^^;;

you can get the same effect by listening to the last minute or so of the 1812 overture and singing to the beats “this is the cee-ree-al that was shot! from! guns!” as the cannons boom.

if you still can’t figure it out tell me and i’ll record myself singing it. XD

also speaking of the 1812 overture, there’s something wrong with you if you don’t get the urge to listen to these classical songs at full volume:

1812 overture – tchaikovsky

marche slave – tchaikovsky

sabre dance (gayane) – khachaturian

hungarian rhapsody #2 – lizst

can-can from orpheus in the underworld – offenbach

william tell overture – rossini

anvil chorus – verdi

i’ve got those songs, plus other exciting classical/orchestral pieces (such as “the typewriter”, “bacchanale”, etc) in a playlist. they make for great driving music, and i just play them all at about max volume for great fun. XD and that exciting classical/orchestral playlist + polka playlist = great cleaning music!

also also speaking of the 1812 overture, this is post #1812. whee!