#1808 – graduation party pix

got the pictures of the graduation party up online now. ^_^ got some movies too, so you can see me doing the velociraptor in full-motion video! with monophonic sound! and out-takes too!

my cousins mike and dan his brother matt and i commandeered pap-pap’s golf-cart and went tooling around his street in that, hehehe. we also found a die (as in “one-half a pair of dice”) so we played “crap(s)” with it… crouched in the street and looked like shady characters and rolled it twice and added it up, hehe… we also looked suspicious by pretending to steal mike’s wallet.

kelly, elizabeth, mike, dan, and i call us five the “smuggler’s club” ‘cos we used to smuggle the good food and candy and stuff from get-togethers to another room where we’d hang out in, so we “thugged it up” with our “smuggler’s club”.

and after i got home, zenmetsu and tom (jeepgy, but i bet he forgot all about his journal :P) came over and we went out to eat and hung out here at home, hehe.