#1807 – 68000 represent

went to pap-pap’s for the graduation party for kelly and elizabeth, took lots of pictures and a few movies, and i got a new toy!

see, my grandfather saw this old mac plus in this office in leisure world and asked what they were using it for. they said “nothing”, so he asked if he could have it, and they said “sure, take it, just make a donation to the athletic center”. he tried to get it to work but it wasn’t starting up properly so he said they could have it back. they didn’t want it back though, so he was ready to take it to the dump. i heard him talking about it and said “i’ll take it!”

so now i have a new (used, really… it’s about 16 years old) mac plus sitting on my desk. i was able to get it up and working (i guess pap-pap forgot to plug something in? haha), so now i’m going to fiddle with it to my heart’s content.


8 mhz 68000 cpu

2 mb ram

20 mb hard disk (external)

9″ b/w screen (no grays! just 1-bit graphics!)

i figured that if i couldn’t get it working i’d turn it into an aquarium, but since it works i guess i won’t do that. maybe i’ll see how much i could sell it for, haha… pap-pap said if i got it working he’d pay me $50, hehehe… wonder how much these things go for on ebay or on the classic mac or compact mac mailing lists…?