#1806 – gee, officer krupke, there's no steam!

i told mom that this electric kettle we have is interesting, because it has a little screen on it so you never see any steam come out the top at all when it’s boiling.

mom: “sure steam comes out! you need to let it boil first”

so i come in the other room and finish reading lj when i hear the kettle ding to say that it’s done. i run into the kitchen, look at the kettle, point and shout “LOOK! NO STEAM!!”

mom (to dad): “…this child has no life”

i said that if i had no life i would have been sitting in front of the kettle waiting for it to boil, but i didn’t. hehehe…

i want to blame shoujonomori for me downloading the soundtrack to “west side story” since she had me get the “telephone hour” song from “bye bye birdie” (i keep getting that stuck in my head now), but she didn’t do anything to tell me to download it. oh well.

i like the “gee, officer krupke” song though XD