#1805 – kelly's graduation

went to kelly’s graduation today. the mustachioed guy in the pics is our ex-neighbor john who i talked about a few posts ago, and the teacher in her gown in the pic with my mom is my aunt ellen who teaches some math courses at kelly’s school. mom, dad, and john watched the ceremony from the main room it was in, while anne and i were in seats in the gym where we watched a simulcast of it on a screen they had set up.

on the way out of the parking lot as we were all going to applebees for dinner our car got a flat tire, so dad changed it, while i worked the jack and lowered the spare tire from the back of the car and took pictures. don’t know what we hit, but suddenly we heard a “BOOM hissSSSSsssSSSssssSSSsssSSS…”. i took movies of it too, lol. that’s not static you hear, that’s the sound of the air leaking out… ^^;;

(speaking of movies, i forgot a got a quick movie of the blue angels flying over our house… ^_^;;)

so we got that fixed and met up with kelly and anne and john at applebees (they drove ahead and made a reservation) and had a good time. ^_^