#1804 – old timey dream

last night i had a crazy dream… bits and pieces i blame on the movie i saw yesterday about sgt. york. 😛

in the dream i was running around some kinda big city… everything looked like turn-of-the-century stuff, except the cars were modern day cars and they were flying around. and one of the shopping centers looked kind of like one i had seen in japan.

in any case, i was running around with this girl (dark hair, either black or dark dark blue like it was in some comic book ^_^;) and she seemed to be wearing a nightgown. i don’t remember what i was wearing, though, but my hobby in the dream was to find secret entrances to the subway, and usually they’d be in some corner or look like a door to something else in a building, but they would really have a spiral staircase that would go down to the station.

the subway looked something like the new york city subway – kind of old, a bit dirty, etc. the subway cars, though, were these wooden boxes that were more square than rectangular, but they looked decently nice on the inside. everything wooden was varnished too.

at one part the girl and i went to some amusement park – not only was it indoors, but you had to go through a shopping mall (the one that looked like i had seen it in japan) in fact to get in there. so, we go around the amusement park (big sort of wooden playground thing), meet some guy that looked like xzerodesignx, and we went around the amusement park with him and this gang of kids he was the leader of. we saw a sign for some circus-y sort of thing inside the park, but that section was all abandoned.

as we were getting ready to leave we all got sodas and stood around the lobby drinking them. the guy who looked like xzerodesignx took his can and tossed it up in the air and it came down and exploded on the ground, so the girl and i decided to get out of there before managment thought we were in his gang of kids and get mad at us too, so we ran out of the amusement park and into the shopping center. as we were running out of the lobby of the amusement park i scared some little kid and he ran up a short staircase into the back of this fat man at full speed and knocked the fat man over, which i thought was funny. the girl and i got back to running, though, and ran into the shopping mall.

in the shopping mall we met up with a guy that looked like my friend nick oben… he was wearing a white t-shirt and brown corduroy pants. (don’t know why i noticed). he walked with us through the shopping mall and it was weird because we would go into a store, but he would take an escalator to the floor above the store and he would still be talking to us and we could still hear him plain as day. we’d have to look up at the ceiling to be able to hear him though.

nick told us that a jewelry store in town had been robbed. i thought it was the work of that gang of kids from the amusement park since they seemed like the type that would rob jewelry stores, but i didn’t know how they were able to get there from the amusement park and rob it so fast. nick left us to go somewhere else, so the girl and i went to the jewlery store.

it was like in the movies, when there’s a run on a bank or something and everyone keeps running up to the place. everyone kept running up to the jewelry store (it was pretty big and open on the inside with a balcony going around the room) and they got inside on the ground floor and everyone was shouting and yelling that they wanted their jewels that nobody could really understand what was going on. some guys in black suits quieted everybody down and said that “the federal bureau is investigating this… not the federal bureau of investigation, this is the federal bureau…”. the girl and i were standing on the balcony around the room, and she started to panic (i guess because of the large crowd of people who were about to riot), so we decided to get home asap. the only problem was, since there was a subway station below this building, there were so many people in the ground floor that it would have been impossible to get to the main entrance there. i knew that there was a door that led to a secret staircase that went from the balcony to the subway, but when we tried to go through it was locked. just before everyone started fighting (half the people wanted to fight and the other half just wanted to get to the subway and get out, but it was too crowded to do that), a guy (who looked like a cross between zeppo marx and gary cooper) in a grey suit appeared and calmed the crowd down, raised his hands and said nothing bad was going to happen, unlocked the door, and let the girl and myself in.

we started going down this small staircase, and after a few flights the lights flickered and went out, but the girl didn’t panic. (for some reason i knew they were going to go out). we made it to the bottom and saw the subway platform just as it usually is, with no large mass of people and no fighting. since we just wanted to get out of there we decided to take the first car (nobody called them trains… weird) even if it was going in the other direction. the first car came, and we got in, it was going the wrong direction, but we didn’t care. it went forward about 50 yards, got on a turntable, turned around, and we started to head home. i put my arm around her, she squeezed me, put her head on my shoulder and she fell asleep. it basically faded out to black as we entered the tunnel.

how’s that for a weird dream, huh? lol.