#1803 – to umbc and back

i had to pick up a form from umbc about continuing my student loan through the summer. i brought it back home to read over and think over, because what they do is add up the upcoming fall and spring loans, take 1/3 of that and apply that to the summer session, and take the remaining 2/3 and split that between the fall and spring semesters. i want to think it over first because if i do this, i’ll only get about $900-something each semester (should cover me fine for the summer session, and i knew already that i’d have to get $$$ for the fall/spring semesters, but the question is do i want to have to work harder for money for the fall/spring? or do i want to concentrate on putting the money i make over the summer to go straight to those two semesters and not have to worry about paying for summer classes?).

on the way back i was almost pushed off the road by two other cars within a quarter-mile. 😛 thanks to my SUUPAA POWAA DRIVINGU SKILLSU! i was able to evade the cars and honk my horn at them. it reminded me of the driving habits of some people i know – they assume that since everyone else is driving defensively, well, someone has to be on offense. ^^;; while there was some bad traffic there and back (since everyone’s leaving town from the comissioning ceremony), it wasn’t anything like this thank goodness… o_o;

we were going to have peruvian chicken for dinner (yum!) but we don’t have any chicken. at least none that we can thaw out in time for dinner. we don’t have any porkchops either, since the recipe was originally for peruvian porkchops. oh well. i think we’re having fish instead.

i wanted to cook and eat a whole can of baked beans with my single-serving can of dinty moore beef stew i had last night for dinner. mom said no because she needed the beans for the reception we’re having for kelly’s and my cousin elizabeth’s graduations this weekend, and dad said no, not unless i wanted to sleep outside tonight. XD; i was craving baked beans too (and these were bush’s baked beans, you know, with the “beautiful bean footage”?), so it was a shame that i couldn’t eat ’em. i <3 bush's baked beans. mom also said to me yesterday when i was being my usual cute self that she couldn't understand why the phone wasn't ringing off the hook with the ladies on the other end if i'm so cute. i can't explain this phenomenon either (but then again it's not that surprising if you read the previous paragraph XD;;;). i guess what i need to do is eat a lot so i split the seam of my pants. oh, yeah, and bust a move too. XD; besides, i think it’s funny how it says “neato” in there… XD