#1800 – seniority / #75276 / weird yet not so

i was woken up this morning by a 21-gun salute from the naval academy football stadium for the graduation comissioning ceremony this morning. i had set my ipod’s alarm to wake me up earlier than that, though, because i wanted to get ready to see the flyover this morning. unfortunately since i had problems falling asleep last night i woke up with the alarm (the ipod’s built-in alarm is like having your own personal mariachi band – really! that’s the first thing i thought it sounded like when it went off this morning, lol) and fell back asleep. twice. it wasn’t until the 21-gun salute that i was really woken up and saw it was 10:01.

the blue angels were supposed to fly over at 10:04, so i stood outside for about 5 minutes and didn’t see anything of them. i turned on the ceremony on tv though, so i could watch the proceedings and the speeches and see some navy bigwig slip-up and say “congratulations enemies, er, ensigns”.

and to see the hawt chix. musn’t forget the hawt chix!

in any case, the blue angels didn’t fly over. probably because of bad weather, since it’s been drizzling for a while. it looks a lot worse on the tv than it does out the window, haha.

i need to clean myself up and:

1) go to umbc to pick up a form for continuing financial aid over the summer

2) come back home and check email

3) (optional) go to / call adecco to tell them about the new schedule i’ll have.

it’s amazing when i think of how livejournal has 1074764 accounts and how few of them have user id’s lower than mine (75276).

but on the other hand, that’s really not that unexpected. 😛

breakfast time. yum yum!