#1798 – pizza at mcdonalds

woke up at 1:30, and i’m still in my pajamas… i’m so bad XD;;;

i had a dream last night that i was working at a mcdonalds (making $6 / hour with practically no hours to work just like my “new” job, of course :P), and for some reason my job was to stand on the customer side of the counter, ask people what they wanted (they ended up telling the cashier anyways), and i was supposed to hand people their food (they took it from the cashier anyways). they were polite customers, even when they yelled at me, but some of them seemed sort of crazy and i thought they ought to be put in a mental hospital. XD; some guy kept yelling something about a walkie-talkie antenna or something… XD;;;

the weirdest thing was at one part my mom and dad worked at the same mcdonald’s as i did (on the employee side of the counter)… i think one of them was a cashier and the other would bring the food up to the counter. and our mcdonalds sold pizza for some reason. i remember “giving” somebody their pizza, and there were 3 slices of cheese left over, so mom, dad, and i ate them (the slices of cheese pizza, not the person who ordered it :P) since we were apparently so poor that that was the way we got food to eat. XD;;

john (our old next door neighbor) just stopped by. he works at the naval academy in their athletic department, and he’s in charge of doing the videotaping for their football team so they can review their plays, so he gives us inside information about stuff going to happen at the academy and at the football stadium across the street. apparently the blue angels are going to do their flyover at 10:04 am (i asked him what direction they’d be coming from since i wanted to take pictures, so i found out they’ll be coming from the far end of the stadium, hehe), and apparently secretary of defense rumsfeld is going to give the commencement speech. very interesting.

crackers the cat is looking out the front window chattering at birds or something she sees outside right now… so cute… =^-^=