#1793 – cg

i <3 doing cg. much much more than i like drawing (i did this pic last night, not too bad, but i really need to work on faces… ^^;;).

i took one of shoujonomori‘s pictures and inked/colored it in painter. ^_^

i really like how the shading on her face turned out. ^_^ her forehead came out a bit smudged, though, but that’s painter’s fault. 😛 i wish i had the os x version of photoshop instead of this one i have for os 9… i would have made it look more cell-shaded-y and i could get some proper work done… ^^;;

still, though, it’s not that bad… ^_^

in other news, dan just called me up, and so there might be some dannage at comic-con (he’s looking into going) instead of me this year (rackum-frackum summer courses… oh well. XD;)…